Programming Project

Rdesktop 1.6.0 and Windows Server 2008 SP2

We were having an issue using Rdesktop from Linux RDP-ing to Windows Server 2008 SP2 boxes. Each time we would try and use shared path or device, the Windows box would freak-out and drop the share.

On the linux side, rdesktop would report "NOT IMPLEMENTED: IRP Query Volume Information class: 0x7".


Quick AJAX data converter tool

Here's a tool I wrote for converting data in various ways, it uses AJAX and Jquery effects. The source is available Here.

Port testing daemon

Occasionally, you need to test if tcp-ip traffic is being correctly routed to a specific port. When the protocol isn't useful for testing, try out this little tool.


Password Generator

Here's a quick random password generator.

Dissociated Press in PHP

My implementation of Dissociated Press; the classic Markov Chain algorithm.