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About Sand3d - top

Sand3d is a 3d implementation of the 2d falling sand games. Which can be found mirrored at
To my knownledge, this is the first and currently the only 3d implementation of a falling sand game.

It is written by David Pascoe-Deslauriers (codemonkey "at" in c++ using the FreeGLUT API.

System Requirements

Recommended : 2 GHz CPU /w 16MB Video Card

The most current version is Sand3d 0.44
The latest discussion about Sand3d can be found on the forum.

Sand3d News - top

    July 8, 2007 - 0.45 Released for Windows!
It's about time I updated this thing. Changes:
    Subtle Graphic enhancements
    Added GUI Saving and loading games
    Added GUI
    Added Removable boundaries
    March 11, 2007 - 0.44 Released for Windows and Linux with source
It's been a while since the last update, so here's the most recent version. Changes:
    Major performance enhancements
    Added Pause button (space bar)
    Add custom backgrounds
    Febuary 19, 2007 - 0.42 Released for Windows, BSD and Linux with source
Well here's a big one, something people have been asking for . . . EXPLOSIONS!!!
I've also been working on mods, making the simulation run more efficiently and fixing up some of the code I didn't like, but unless you're looking at the code, you won't see a difference yet.
    Added EXPLOSIONS!!!
      Added Gunpowder! BOOM!!
      Added C4!! BOOM!!
      ADDED NAPALM!!! BOOM!!!!
    Added Frame Rate Counter
    Added Particle Counter
    Febuary 5, 2007 - 0.40 Released with source!
Well I finally released the source like I've been promising . . . however broke the Linux version, so Linux and BSD binaries aren't included in this one. I'll be working on getting those up ASAP.
    Added new type, Generators.
    Added three new generators: Spout (makes water,) Well (makes oil), and Cow (makes methane) The '7' key cycles through generator types
    Added new hollow type: Torch Added new graphics mode which renders things differently.
      Sand gets rendered as spheres
      Solid objects, hollow shapes and generator get rendered as cubes
      Fire is fire ;)
      Gases are rendered as particle clouds
      Liquids are rendered as different particle clouds (I'm not happy with the way it looks and behaves, this will change later)
    January 30, 2007 - 0.40 Released
    Add gases:
      Methane; Lighter than air, Flammable
      Hydrogen Sulfide; Heavier than air, Flammable
      Carbon Dioxide; Heavier than air, puts out fires
      Nitrogen Dioxide; Same as air, stable
    Added new keyboard hot keys:
      F10 - Clears play area
      1 : Select Eraser
      2 : Cycle Through Solids (Sand, Fire)
      3 : Cycle Through Liquids (Water, Oil)
      4 : Cycle Through Gases (...)
      5 : Cycle Through Hollow Floating types
      6 : Cycle Through Solid Floating types
    January 26, 2007 - 0.36 Released
    Added Wall tool, like glass but opaque
    Added tons of new camera controls
    Holding CTRL disconnects the mouse from the pen
    Arrow Key, PageUp and PageDown control pen movement
    January 24, 2007 - Websites up
I put this website together for sand3d.
I"m currently working on making sand3d mod-able, allowing users to easily define custom sand type and beautifying the code to prepare it for release.
Hopefully, I"ll have it all ready and release the source early next week.

    January 23, 2007 - Sand3d 0.35 Released!
    +/- change the pen size
    liquids act like liquid
    eraser (useful for building things out of glass)
    text (so you can know what sand you"ve selected)
    cursor stack (so you can see where things will fall)
    oil take longer to burn out (so you can make rivers of flowing fire)

Controls - top

Camera Control:
Right ClickMove Camera
Mouse ScrollZoom
aZoom In
zZoom Out
F1Top View
F2Default View
F3Rotate 90' Left
F4Rotate 90' Right
Sand Controls:
Left ClickAdd Sand
lAdd Sand
pCycle through types of sand
SHIFT + mouse up and downRaise and lower pen
+Make the pen bigger
-Make the pen smaller
Holding CTRLStops mouse from moving the pen
Arrow keysMove pen along the horizontal plane
PageUp and PageDownRaise and lower pen
1Select Eraser
2Cycle Through Solids (Sand, Fire)
3Cycle Through Liquids (Water, Oil)
4Cycle Through Gases (...)
5Cycle Through Hollow Floating types
6Cycle Through Solid Floating types
7Cycle Through Solid Generator types
Game Controls:
SpacePauses the Game
wToggle Boundaries
hToggle Menu
F10Clears the play area
sSwitch between sand rendered as cubes and sand renders as spheres

Screenshots - top

Downloads - top

Sand3d - 0.45 - Windows Binaries
Sand3d - 0.44 - Windows/Linux Binaries
Sand3d - 0.44 - Full Source
Sand3d - 0.42 - Windows/Linux/FreeBSD Binaries
Sand3d - 0.42 - Full Source
Sand3d - 0.40 - Windows Binaries
Sand3d - 0.40 - Full Source
Sand3d - 0.38 - Windows/Linux/FreeBSD Binaries
Sand3d - 0.36 - Windows Binaries
Sand3d - 0.35 - Windows Binaries

Copyright 2007, David Pascoe-Deslauriers